Revealing Top 3 Magento Help Desk Extensions Offering Full-Fledged Customer Support!

Magento being a leading eCommerce platform offers its merchants with a wide range of features that can fit their needs. As per the requirement of all types of online stores, the needs for each client differs. Every client has different requests as well as priorities and they are not just satisfied with the basic feature. Also, the Magento developers themselves look towards integrating advanced magento SEO extensions in order to satiate their client’s needs.

Using different extensions nowadays has become a necessity and we can see a high competition going within the industry. With the gradual rise in the competition, it is getting harder to choose the best extension among the available options. So, with this article, you will come across 3 best customer service related extensions that will help you in picking up the best extension for your online business. So what are you waiting for??? Let us dive into best Magento help desk extension modules and know basic features about them:

Help Desk Pro by Mage World:

Help Desk Pro by Mage World offers its merchants with a wide range of features while including some of the limitations too. This extension exclusively offers its merchants with the following:

  • Creating rules for ticket management

  • Ability to link different tags with tickets

  • Ability for installing the working hours of the support team at the backend business as well as display their ability and many more.

On the other hand, the limitations of this extension is that- it has a weak protection against spam. There are no rules for spam protection other than adding those emails to the prohibited list. On exploring the Mage World’s Help Desk Pro further, one could come across different advantages for customers and support team of the eCommerce web store.

Help Desk Ultimate by Aheadworks:

The Help Desk Ultimate by Aheadworks was among the first ever modules created for help desk operations. Also, the main attraction of this extension is that it is being constantly updated in order to work with the latest versions of Magento. The key features of Help Desk Ultimate by Aheadworks are:

  • Ability to set up unlimited departments or moderators

  • Easy-to-manage response templates

  • Allowing customers to choose department or set up the priority as well as view entire thread of ticket

  • Allowing to submit the tickets in different ways that include Magento, live chat, email and many more.

  • Offering the facility to attach tickets to orders as well as auto update ticket status and many more.

magento desk extension

The main attraction of Help Desk Ultimate is that it offers you guaranteed fast resolution as well as an immediate response on the tickets automatically. The main concept here is of the 2-way email parsing where the email parser converts messages into automated generated tickets on their responses. As soon as the email parser receives a response from the staff, it would be processed and recorded in the Help Desk and then sent to the customer.

Help Desk MX by Mirasvit:

The Help Desk MX by Mirasvit extension or module includes the most advanced and convenient features for organizing the Help Desk work efficiently and accurately. Being developed in the early 2013’s this extension is recently developed extension in the market that includes some of the great advantages for customers and support team as well. Along with some of the old features, this extension includes exclusive new features offering unique possibilities to the help desk team. It offers features like-

The Mirasvit help desk extension helps in maintaining a friendly relationship with clients and offers an option to remove the ticket number from the message headers.


Magento is a highly preferred choice for eCommerce platforms as it is more convenient to set up and a wide range of features make it more affordable to use as an eCommerce store. Different Magento extensions are available and choosing the right one among them for your online business is its key to success. We, the Kodematix are expertise with Magento features, so if you need ant assistance regarding the installation of Magento help desk extensions, you can approach to us!

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