SEO Tips To Increase Website Traffic


SEO enables visibility in digital world and helps you to gain more and more traffic to your website. In this era, it’s getting difficult to find new tips and techniques to avail more traffic to your website. Getting traffic is main thing for any web master. But, you cannot get traffic once and then just reap their benefits. Availing traffic is an ongoing task and you must be constantly doing it, if you want to get traffic and keep it. Explore some great tips and techniques to be an expert in SEO services:

  • Diagnose and Solve a Google Penalty

You can easily diagnose a possible penalty, by reviewing the dates you noticed a decline in traffic. SEMRush can be great tool to analyze the traffic trends of your websites. Later comparing these decline dates with the update date of any Google Algorithm. This will clearly tell you if you have faced any penalty.

Initially you should start by understanding what problems causes Google penalty. For example a website with poor quality content or too less content may be one of the reasons. Further, the website should not have two versions of website http and https. You can make out this issue by searching the following command: inurl:https

The canonical tag can help to solve any problem related to duplicate content. Setting the canonical tag correctly can help in situations like this where there is both a http and https version of the site indexed.

SEO Tips

  • Find Your Most Valuable Keywords

Keyword tools will surely help you to sort keywords by their ranking, conversion, and long tail opportunities to discover which keywords you should go for. Along with the tools, you can also select keyword by their CPC. A keyword with high CPC, is best indication that it is capable of generating revenue. SEMRush can help you to identify the websites best keyword.

Something that is highly recommended is analyzing the competing pages for that specific keyword and then question yourself: Why would Google surface their page ahead of yours? What things make it a better experience for the user on that page?

  • Expand Your Keyword Set Using Competitors

As discussed above, you can use tools like Google Keyword Planner, UberSuggest, and to help you with keyword research.

However, have you ever thought about your competitors for keyword inspiration? Finding the competitors will help you to compete well.

  • Figure Out Which Topics Your Audience Likes

Knowing the average number of shares of your content on social media provides you amazing feedback on how well you are able to engage. Buzzsumo helps you to understand how well your content is performing with respect to the competition. These insights will help you to improve the content you are creating.

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