Solve The ‘How’ To Select Best Magento Inventory Management Extension

magento inventory extensions

eCommerce Owner: I have been successful in developing great user-friendly website and thus I have good amount of traffic on my website everyday.

Kodematix Developer: That’s great.

Owner: But, I am facing few issues.. and that’s leading to a loss.

Developer: So, how can I help you?

Owner: Well, I am not able to deal with the inventory issue. I am not able to easily update the out-of-stock products and thus people are purchasing out-of-stock products and much more..

D: Oh! An inventory management extension will surely help you.

O: Yes, I tried installing few..but in vain. The inventory is been a mess nowadays. Can you help me to sort out my issue?

D: Oh! Yes ..This article will help you know how to select best Magento Inventory Management extension.

So, you are the one who has full-fledged store on internet which entertains a good density of traffic on daily basis. This one part of the story was interesting but to make the other part smooth and easy going you obviously need an excellent inventory to deal easily with the data.

Initially check out few features every good Magento inventory extension should have:

    • Provide You Low Stock Notification

    • Update Product Availability Based On Stock Amount

    • Support For Drop-Ship Suppliers

    • Import Product Data From CSV or Magento Store

Further, if the extension satisfies these features, check for the following things an extension should have:

  • Extension That Follows “One Size -Fits All” Formula

Don’t expect one puzzle piece completing the whole puzzle. Similarly, don’t expect the extension to implement just one function. An inventory management extension should do more than just managing inventory. The extension should act as a central hub for all your data.

So with such multi functionality extensions you are not just subtracting 1 from your shirt inventory data but you even sell one. Further, you are sending the customer shipping information. You are creating either updating the customer record to analyze the complete customer activity. Along with that you even generate purchase orders for storehouses and suppliers.

So, always look for an extension which connects each piece together flawlessly. Else, be ready to phase the worst situation ever.

Magento Inventory Management Extension


  • Don’t Carry The Headache Of Pushing Inventory Button Everyday

Just imagine if you are not updating your stock every time a purchase is done, then you are openly inviting people to purchase if the product is out of stock.

OMG! This carelessness left you in trouble.

Now consider, if are updating your inventory array every day or every hour – now if you had 7 t-shirts in stock but prior you update you sold your 8th t-shirt? Now?

May be you are telling your customers bye forever. Would you love this? Customers are the king and you are hitting right in your kings head. It’s like they bought a product they loved you said was in stock and later they receive an email telling that their order is cancelled as the product was out of stock, obviously they won’t be happy with this. An negative testimonial on social media or your website can cause you lot of damage.

So the lesson learnt from above instances clearly tells to go with an extension that runs in real-time. This will spare you from the headache of pushing inventory button every day and will even save the bigger headache of unhappy customers.

  • Extensions That Allow You To Integrate With Other Platforms

Right now your happiness won’t have any boundaries right? As the out-of-stock issue is vanished..right? Just an extension that syncs data in real-time can never sell an out-of-stock product..amazing right?

But wait..wait..there’s another issue rising. What if you sell your products on other platforms rather than Magento? For example, what if you sell on Magento, eBay, and Amazon? Now how you would be dealing with out-of-stock problem? Oh no! Now we have turned to a bigger problem.

So, choose the extension that allows you to integrate with other marketplace platforms and web stores you sell on.

  • 24/7 Support and Monitoring

You are in trouble and there’s no one who can help you! We can understand how pathetic the situation is when something goes wrong and there’s no one to help you. Hence, a 24/7 support is required to deal with this problem.

Along with support you need to 24/7 monitoring even. 24/7 monitoring is different than support, it means if something goes wrong with the software, someone else should be present to watch it and is ready to take the action.

Without monitoring you will never know you have been accidently selling out-of-stock products as the system failed to update or an order never came through as the connection was down.

So, go for an extension that supports and monitors things 24/7.

What we can do for you?

Every business has unique and broad requirements relevant to their business. Their requirements will determine an ideal inventory extension for their business. We are ready to serve that unique requirements for your inventory management solutions and customize the extension as per your need. You can always contact us for any of your consultation at any clock.

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