Solve The Uncertain Question Between A Free Magento Theme or Customized Magento Theme

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Design is the silent ambassador of your brand” It’s the decision factor for people to stay on your site or not. Let’s experiment it on you:

useless website format


eCommerce WebsiteWhich website/image did you select? May be the second one? Just question why! Probably you will know the answer.

Now when you are planning to design your ecommerce store…may be the first thing you would do is type Magento website design themes in your search engine…right? The screen will display classy string of links which redirects you to absolutely free classy Magento themes.

Jaw drops down? It’s natural when you see such beautiful themes for free. You just can’t help yourself and you download one to represent your business. However, this is not the case always.

What if you find a theme that classy but is not perfect for your brand or business needs? What you will do when you have particular needs to adhere to? The problem of selecting between a fine looking free Magento theme and a great customized design is what an ecommerce store owner has to decide for their business prosperity.

But the main question is how can decide if to go with custom design or free website design? With such miscellany of free Magento themes available online, it’s hard to for store owners to turn their eyes away from such beautiful free designs and go for custom designs. Without any further discussion, let’s have a quick look at some pros and cons of a Free Magento theme and Custom Magento theme.

Why To Opt For Free Magento Themes?

You are getting the puma shoes for free! What would be your reaction? May be just as shown in picture!

Shocking Expression


Get ready for the same reaction with ‘FREE’ elegant Magento themes! Availing ‘THE BEST’ for free is surely the best thing. Free Magento templates are surely the ultimate thing for small businesses and ecommerce start-ups. Ecommerce businesses have real big investments when starting up and availing Magento theme for free not only looks great but it works well in extreme help.

Free Magento themes serve you some great advantages – Know them:

  • It’s free. –No investment required! Yupiee!
  • It’s fast. – You don’t have to wait for the theme creation time it’s ready and you can use it any time..ultimately completing your work fast.
  • Eliminates Stress & Hard work – It saves your time and energy, all you need to do is download it and it’s available for use.
  • It works. -Most of the free Magento themes work just fine with Magento out of the box.

Hence, a free Magento template isn’t a wrong idea if you want something cheap and yet worthy.

Why Say No To Free Themes?

Sounds really excellent for your business? Before you jump to a conclusion, here’s the other side of the coin:

We will tell you what the visitor questions when he/she comes across such free Magento themes!

  • Is it trustworthy to make purchases from this company?
  • Would it be safe to make my credit card payment on this website?

Shows Unprofessionalism A visitor will surely realize that you are using a free theme. They feel that this company probably is not that serious company if they don’t have money for the design that fits their company’s identity. Free themes don’t represent your ecommerce business online.

Good Bye To New Features Magento is constantly growing ecommerce platform and brings new features with the upgrade. If something goes wrong, there might be no one to help you. Magento can change a lot at upgrade and some themes might start showing errors.

Not Optimized – The free designed and developed Magento theme isn’t really optimized for best conversion rate. Few themes are designed based on conversion rates, yet the conversion rate depends on the niche targeted audience.

If you are ready to accept all these pitfalls you can surely go with the free theme available online for your business.

Why Magento Theme Customization?

A Magento custom design goes far way. It is the best option for ecommerce store owners and does wonders for any online store or brand.

Know why a custom design is far better than a free theme:

  • Standout With Your Identity In market there are numerous ecommerce stores growing and its making it difficult to survive. It’s crucial for a business to survive. But Magento theme customization can help you to reflect the brand and its style for a unique identity. Ultimately the crowd will identify the best among crowds.
  • Easy Changes With Magento custom design you can have complete control over your ecommerce website and its total functionality. You can have the design tailored to look and function exactly how you want.
  • Something You Can Rely On Once you hire a professional or a Magento team you avail customer and technical support throughout your project and even after completion of project. You know they will be there anytime when any Magento upgrade brings any problem.

Why Say No To Custom Themes?

Read advantages? Great! We are sure now you won’t be searching for any cons of custom themes. All the advantages clearly tell how advantageous a custom theme can be for a business rather than going for a free Magento theme.

Moreover, free themes are best only for business with a tight-budget or any start up. Hope your decision, no matter what of going with free Magento theme or custom Magento theme leads you to great success.

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