Supercharge Your Magento Store Using Noteworthy Magento After-Support Strategies

Magento Strategies

Being a web store owner of any eCommerce portal, certainly involves a lot of headache when it comes to managing an eCommerce platform. This becomes a much more daunting task when one has to deal with nerve-wracking admin tasks that one simply can’t avoid. It is usually said that“Although your customers won’t love you if you give bad service, your competitors will”, and this is especially true for different eCommerce stores, which needs regular after-support services.

As a result, the same goes with different Magento stores, which is a renowned eCommerce platform and currently the most trendy one. There are a number of Magento support features that must be deployed after the site is being hosted. So,let us have a detailed discussion about the Magento after-support features that are required and different upgrade implementation strategies necessary to implement:

Magento and Maintenance

What actually Magento after-support is?

It is rightly said that “The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations and fulfill them” and with the changing necessities of the customers, the Magento store must be upgraded as per the customer’s needs. Thus, the Magento after-support upgrade implementation is necessary for Magento stores. Generally, this can be in the form of a comprehensive service that helps in updating the client’s existing Magento site to the desired release. This includes updating the services for the entire necessary resources  including the Application Architect, Business Solutions Architect, Systems Administrator, PHP Developer, Project Manager and many more.

Other than that, the clients are further provided with the upgraded path that is bounded with the Magento Development best practices. This is probably the best way by which one can take advantages of the new features as well as optimizations. This will also help in reducing the dependencies on the custom or sub optimal codes.

Top Magento after-support features

Some of the best features of Magento after-support or upgrade services are as follows:

  • Maximum Up time: The Magento after-support feature includes maximum up time that offers deep application monitoring as well as advanced alerting for different recommended topological.

  • PCI Compliance: Through PCI compliance, one is able to access an entire range of security products for the Magento solution that are backed by the security experts. Also, the website can be designed in a way that helps in meeting PCI-DSS standards.

  • Automation: The marketing automation feature helps in empowering the proven pre-defined as well as tested Magento environments that integrate the code repositories for the agile code release.

  • Automated Scaling for Peak Performance: This feature helps in scaling the Magento platform for maximizing the application performance of the site. This could be even in the response to the high traffic events by integrating the results of application performance monitoring tools.

  • Backed by Fanatical Support: With the upgrade of Magento store, one can expect that eCommerce specialists to be available 24X7. This will resolve any of the queries that one come across on the spot.

  • Configuration Integrity: By eliminating the configuration errors that are responsible for poor performance and downtime, the Magento after-support builds the code releases along with the visual confirmation that successfully completes the task.

solutions and administer

Benefits after implementation of Magento after-support strategies

With the implementation of the after-support strategies, one can enjoy several advantages of eCommerce store. It generally includes:

  • Maximizing the Magento-native features in order to reduce implementation costs.

  • Detailed plan along with a step-by-step task for an efficient path upgrade.

  • Having required product knowledge in order to ensure efficient code, and many more.

Future scope

The future scope of the Magento after-support strategy implementation includes planning for the entire life cycle. This generally includes Analysis, Strategy, Development, QA, Staging Cut over as well as Production Cut over stages.


With the best implementation of Magento after-support strategies, one can really boost the performance of their store. Thus, if you are also looking for a company that can satiate your entire Magento after-support requirements, then meet Kodematix that can prove to be the one-stop destination for all your eCommerce store requirements.

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