The Uncertain Puzzle Of “How To Update Magento Security Patches” Solved With Kodematix!

magento security patches

The precondition to forever success is SECURITY”

World is getting digital in every-way – the positive side of the coin, but at the same if we consider the negative side of the coin it can be risky too. It is quite important to keep your site up-to-date with security updates. No matter it is your computer or personal devices, the wise step is to always keep them secure. Moreover, an unprotected website is a big risk for you, your customers and online group. Now the choice is yours to update it or not.

<<– Risks Your Website Can Face –>>

  • Injection of malware can affect SEO efforts.

  • Stealing private customer information as names, email addresses, credit number and other information.

  • Adding the site to a botnet with other compromised websites/servers.

  • Website completely crashed.

Shocked? Obviously you are not inviting all these dangers now. So before you start developing your Magento site, it is vital enough to take stock of the

threat awareness to your site in aspects of spamming, hacking, and other kinds of security breaches. You should discover different techniques and ways that inbuilt security protocols of the Magento platform can be reached and plug these holes.

Security patches is the answer for one such way you are discovering. But have no idea about it? Don’t worry. We are here for your every question:

<<– Explore Security Patch –>>

A security patch is a small piece of code used for updating a program or its supporting information to resolve or improve it. Adding this piece of code helps to solve security vulnerabilities, bug fixes and boosts the ease of execution. This restorative activity will prohibit strong exploitation and eliminate to miss-use a particular weakness in a resource.

A security patch was released to achieve the objective of secure Magento installation while avoiding potential threats, ensuring a safe, secure and bug free store for owner. Hence you can say security patches provide you a powerful secure platform.

<<– Don’t Miss The Security Patches Updates –>>

Security patch releases and version updates are important strategy of Magento’s objective for solving security issues in the system. Magento is always tries to increase the performance, and one important factor towards bring a positive exposure for Magento clients is offering them best security.

No matter the platform offers security upgrades, but it would be great if you utilize their resources and make sure your site is safe. If you apply the latest security, what benefits your website would gain:

magento patches

  • Guaranteed Security

  • Add functionality & features

  • Improved Browser Compatibility

  • Fix Errors

  • Enhanced Speed

<< — How To Update –>>

Okay, it’s great that now you are aware about necessity for security patches! But now are you pondering how to start? Yes..? Start with downloading.

Magento has released two patches namely SUPEE-1533 and SUPEE-5344. Later download the patches from Magento’s site.

Cool, so you have downloaded the patch? Great! Now ensure that the compilation is not active in your store before installing patches. In case if you have not disabled the compiler and updated the patch, then test everything and run the compiler to again.

To your surprise there are 1! There are 3 ways to install patches, one using SSH and other one by using FTP or c-panel. Few hosting provider don’t offer the SSH access for your plan, but don’t despair there are many more options available for you.

So let’s explore the methods to install security patch on your store:

Technique 1:

  1. Upload patch files in the root of Magento.

  2. Create a file with the name of patch.php, and then write following code in it,





echo “Done”;


Replace the file name in it, upload it in the root and run the file from the browser.

Technique 2:

Next thing you can try out is to install patch with SSH. For that obviously you will need SSH, if you don’t know how to set up SSH, contact your hosting provider.

  1. Upload the patch files in the root.

  2. In SSH console, run the command as following.

For .sh file extension



For .patch file extension:

patch –

p0 < patch_file_name.patch

Method 3:

Wow! Congrats you already know two methods. Now we already have attached the zip files with already patched files, so your only work left is to extract and upload those files in the root of your Magento.

Patch SUPEE-1533 (Magento 1.7.x.x- applied to the following files:



Patch SUPEE-5344 applied to the following files:






What we can do for you?

As many merchants are left with patch updates, Kodematix to make your site secure offers following services:

  • Security Patch Download, Installation & configuration

  • Applying and running patch for various Magento vulnerability

  • Security Patch regular Updates

  • Progressive SSL Certificate encryption

  • Troubleshooting

In case if you are facing any problem related to patch installation, you can contact us any time at any clock. We will be happy to serve you.

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