Things To Ponder Upon Before Hiring Magento Freelancer!!

magento freelancer

With the increasing demand of Magento based eCommerce platforms in the online world, there has been observed increased demand for the Magento developers too. It is necessary to have a developer support 24/7 in order to stay updated with the latest developments in this field. Also, the developers help us to overcome from certain bugs or errors that need to be fixed or changed.

There are a number of eCommerce owners who struggle hard to find the best Magento developers or even Magento freelancers that could satiate their web development needs the best way. But before initiating the search for a developer you need to keep some of the important things in mind. So, in order to help you out below we have listed important things to ponder upon before hiring Magento developer or a freelancer:

  • One time projects v/s ongoing project: This is a major consideration as you need to decide on someone who could cope-up with ongoing changes required for a Magento eCommerce site. This is an important consideration as there are some of the developers who are ready to work with you but not for a long term and so you may hire them as a freelancer. On the other hand, if you consider hiring someone on ongoing basis, you need to make sure that you are having enough available time to work with the client. Some developers even look for long-term commitment and so they may not wish to work on small projects. As a result, in any of the cases listed above, it is advisable to test a developer with a small project before finalizing them for long term projects.

Things to consider before hiring magento freelancer

  • Price and quality: This is the second most important thing to consider while hiring Magento freelancer. There are a number of instances when the web development companies look for the talent that can satiate their web development needs the best way. Just make sure that you are getting what you are paying for. The quality of the services must justify the cost you are spending on them. Be it a freelancer or a regular web developer of the company, the quality of their services must be something that can justify as well as satiate your unique web development needs.

  • Agency v/s freelancer: One has to be aware that the freelancer that they are hiring might not have all the required capabilities. As a result, you might think to go with the bigger agency. Another option that you can prefer is hiring multiple freelancers that you need to spend more time in managing them all. This could be a great option as there would be one dedicated project manager who will ensure that the project is delivered on time with great quality. One more thing is that agencies do a better job but comes with a higher price. But if you need just 2 or 3 people, then hiring freelance developer would be feasible.

List down the competencies the developer must have:

It is important for you to test the knowledge of the developer you are going to hire and know their experience before hiring it for your firm. You must be aware of the languages he knows as well as about different Magento frameworks that he is compatible to work with. Also, as each new version of Magento requires new framework, you need must make sure that the developer you are hiring is comfortable to adopt the regular changes and ready to work with it.

Where to find best freelance developer?

There are some of the best places where you could find your freelance developer in just short span of time. It may include different Personal Network, Magento Solution Partner Community, Magento Certification Directory Listings, different Freelance Websites, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn, Twitter, Industry Website/Blogs, Networking Industry (Magento) Events and last but not the least the Freelance Websites.

This is how you can make the best selection for hiring Magento freelance developer. Also, for any further assistance, you can contact us at any hour!! We will be pleased to help you out in any way.

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