Top 27 Content Marketing Tips For Lead Generation


The real problem with content marketing is that there is too much of content everywhere…More than 2 million blogs are published each day! How are you going to cut through the noise with no solid content marketing strategy?

Content Marketing Generates Roughly 3 Times as many Leads as Traditional Marketing and Costs 62% Less

Let’s first look at the content marketing trends to understand the scope and tips…

  • More than 66% of marketers are investing in Content Marketing and this number is expected to rise.

Therefore, the business which thinks ‘it is okay not to have a content marketing strategy’. Hold on, you might not survive the competition.

  • Ever thought of user-generated content? If not, try NOW.

As per Adweek 2016, 85% of people trust content made by others more than they trust brands’ content. Promoting user-generated content will be one of the best content marketing tips.

  • Live Video, 360 Video, and Virtual Reality to dominate content marketing space.

It is the best time to leverage visual content platforms to market your blogs and content write-ups.

What Content Marketing Can Do for you?

Most of the marketers now know the benefits and efficiency of a good content marketing strategy. The rest are going for a Digital Marketing Course to get back (with a bang!) in the competition.

Here are some benefits you can gain by crafting and implementing an effective content marketing strategy in your business:

  1. Lead Generation :

If customers like what is written, there is a greater probability of them filling up their contact details. Simple!

  1. Increased Reach and Name Recognition :

A company can increase its reach and prominence by just crafting high-quality content that solves the queries of your customers.

  1. Image Development :

You can establish yourself as a thought leader by just releasing high-quality blogs on a regular basis.

  1. Customer Development :

Content that offers useful information and relevant information connects the users to the company for a long time. By being consistent in offering good content, companies grab the attention of its users.

Actionable Content Marketing Tips: Infographic-based

These 27 Content Marketing Tips will help you be ahead of your competitors. Don’t miss on these brain opening content tips!

Content Marketing Tips

Basic Content Marketing Tips :

With only content marketing for relevant audience, you can contribute to your company for achieving its goals. Here are few basic content marketing tips:

  1. High-quality Content :

Clearly and well-written content that demonstrates the competences of the business is reader-friendly. Needless to say the content you provide to your audience should be error-free, simple, and structured.

  1. Unique Content :

No plagiarism! Content that is unique and offers something different is of real use to users and therefore, is chosen over others.

  1. SEO-Focussed Content :

Content that is successful is not only unique and well-written but also focused to a specific target group. SEO based content is search engine optimized with useful links, well-defined structures, headlines, and keywords.

You can’t do away with content marketing as it will be irreplaceable in 2017!