Top 5 Magento Maintenance Tips to Enhance Magento Store Performance

Magento Maintenance Services and Tips

With the establishment of a number of eCommerce sites on the internet, it is important that these sites should undergo with regular site maintenance process. Whether it is a small-sized online store or a big one, regular maintenance can help the stores in enhancing and maintaining their performance while optimizing it to a greater extent.

Generally, a typical store owner, especially small business owners do not keep a team consisting of a system administrator, a software developer, and a tester as they prefer solving all the issues that are related to hosting, development as well as testing processes independently. For this, they may hire software developers, preferably freelancers in order to control their work. The owners also ensure to take proper care of the installation of the necessary modules as well as the creation of backups.

website maintenance

As the website is the foremost thing that customers see, it helps in making strong web presence on the internet. So, when people search for the products, services or any kind of information, their primary goal is to find their necessary requirements quickly and easily. As a result, the best way for this is optimizing the website regularly with the best Magento maintenance servicestips and tricks. So, let us have a quick look over those tips that could greatly enhance the Magento store performance:

  • Configuring Cache:

The first thing that must be done is configuring the cache of your Magento website. You can opt for the varnish cache that is a web accelerator that is sometimes referred to as an HTTP accelerator or a reverse HTTP proxy.

Configuring Cache

This helps in significantly enhancing the performance of any of the Magento web store. The varnish also helps in speeding up the Magento store by storing a copy of the page in the RAM as soon as any user visits the page for the first time. This also helps you in handling the traffic as well as Magento store’s performance as well as scalability go through the roof.

  • Clearing unwanted orders and test products:

The unwanted orders sometimes create wrong reports. So, it is necessary to clear them from the system log. Also, this is necessary as it will help in calculating right statistics for calculating the sales. Another important thing is that the unwanted products occupies more disk space that makes the coupon processing slow. Besides this, it makes the front end queries to process slow. As a result, it is best option to clear unwanted products from the site too, in order to improve the website’s performance.

  • Reindexing pending indexes:

The Magento indexes all the content in order to speed up its performance and determine how fast it accesses it. If in case, you want to make changes to the store like editing the products, you need to re-index the content such that the changes are displayed on the front end. If in case, you have never indexed your data, you need to index it as till then, none of the content will be indexed to start. In order to re-indexing the content, you need to go to the Magento Admin Panel and follow below-given steps:

Step #1: Login to Magento Admin Backend

Step #2: Go to System -> Index Management

Step #3: For reindexing or updating the data the “Update Required” field must be labelled “YES”. Then you need to select “Reindex Data” on the right side.

Step #4: You will then receive a system notification to let you know that the system has been reindexed.

  • Combining JavaScript with CSS files:

This can help the Magento store with the significant improvements in the browser rendering time.

JavaScript with CSSIn order to turn this ON, one has to go through the Magento Admin Panel to System > Configuration

Go to the left navigation panel and from the Advance panel and click on the Developer link.

There you will see two tabs “JavaScript Settings” and “CSS Settings” for which you need to select “YES” option for the option named Merge files in both the tabs.

  • Turning compilation ON:

The compilation is a new feature that is available in Magento version 1.4.x.x and above. This feature compiles files as well as scopes into the easily accessible blocks of the HTML. The experienced Magento professionals suggest that this feature offer almost 25% to 50% of better performance that is depended on the page requested.

Thus, this is how you can optimize your own Magento store and maintain as well as enhance the responsive site’s performance the best possible way.

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