Top 5 Most Prevalent Landing Page Blunders You Need To Avoid!

Landing Page Mistakes You Must Avoid

With the rise in the modern technology, the web designing field has also been quickly evolved and now it has been transformed into one of the leading fields. Usually, designing a website involves a lot of considerations of the dynamics of the technology as per the needs of the users that greatly influence the effectiveness as well as the popularity of the website. But, at some of the cases, there are certain chances that the web designers could make an error that result into negative effect to the popularity of the website. Other than that, it also affects the performance of the websites as compared to other sites.

The same goes with the landing pages of any of the website. A landing page is usually a web page that appears when a user clicks on any search result or an advert link according to the searched items or topics. As a result, any of the blunders in a web design could affect the effectiveness as well as the performance of a landing page. So, even if you opt to hire web designer for your web designing needs, there are some of the blunders that may happen. As a result, below are listed some of the most prevalent landing pages that one must avoid:


  • Poor Usage of Font: For any of the web designer, it is important to use the complementary fonts that suits with the web page while merging different fonts on the site. The fonts that are used must match with each other in order to make the page look presentable as well as professional. Some of the developers just focus on creating stylish design while compromising the quality of font which should be avoided.

  • Lack of Attractive Logo Design: Usually, most of the outstanding brand names or the products have a unique feature in which company logo plays an important role. Most of the consumers identify the products or the services through the logo of the company and so it plays an important role for the brand awareness among the people. So it is important to create an attractive logo design for your website.

  • Organization of Web Page: The organization of webpage includes each and every component of the web page including the content. The content of the web page must be readable as well as appealing to the visitor. A high-quality content presented in a professional manner would surely make the web page look stunning and will attract more users towards it.

  • Using Wide Range of Colours: Colour is the important factor that attracts user’s attention. But, the colours should be used wisely as too many colours may result in making page boring leading into less catchy. Just make sure that you use two or three colours in order to preserve the professional part of the website.

  • Objective: The web page must be easy to navigate and present just a few items. Usually, the landing page is meant for giving more information on a particular search item and so it should be presented in a way that it reveals its purpose easily.

Thus, these were some of the most common blunders that one should avoid while creating landing pages.

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