Top 7 Optimal Magento SEO Extensions That You Must Try

seven magento seo extensions

Magento, one of the leading eCommerce platforms built on the open source technology offers various businesses a platform to establish their online store in the most convenient way. This helps in establishing the online web presence for many of the renowned brands and also helps a number of aspiring businesses to develop their online presence.

Magento integrates within itself a number of factors that makes it a most preferred online platform and within those factors the Magento SEO extensions are the leading one. As there are a number of competitors for the same business niche, the SEO extensions help those businesses to gain a considerable amount of traffic. Also, as the Magento SEO extensions help in improving the brand visibility of the companies and so it justifies its presence, especially for the renowned eCommerce stores.

As a result below is listed down some of the best compilations of those Magento SEO extensions that you should definitely try within your eCommerce store. Let us have a quick look over that:

Magento SEO Extensions

  • Yoast Meta Robots:

Yoast Meta Robots is an SEO extension that adds noindex to all the pages without any extra effort. It follows Meta tags as they stop indexing the search result page and the Meta tag page. So, you can easily prevent a particular page from showing on the web while enabling the search engines to follow the links of the page by inserting the noindex. Also, you can apply the noindex robot Meta tag to different subpages like the login or register page as well as different admin pages.

  • SEO Suite Enterprise Extension:

The SEO Suite Enterprise Extension is a necessary product for almost all the Magento eCommerce Store owners as it helps in saving a lot of time in controlling a huge amount of data. Other than this it helps in optimizing the rich snippets as well as handling the issues of duplicate content.

  • SEO Layered Navigation:

The SEO Layered Navigation offers you a chance to develop your own search engine status by changing the standard Magento URLs of the Magento layered navigation and making them responsive to the search engines. It also extends the regular Magento layered navigation by enabling the clients to shop according to various attributes.

  • M Semantic Basic:

The M Semantic Basic is a free Magento SEO extension that integrates the rich data markup and adds up the whole information of the store page so that the search engine like Google and Yahoo show entire information like product images, product availability, product prices and other important information. Other than these functionalities, the M Semantic Basic Extension helps in raising the click-through-rates while making the store more accessible for mobile apps and browser extensions.

  • Canonical URLs:

The Canonical URL’s for the Magento extension adds up the new canonical links to the head of the Magento pages in order to learn how to stop the generation of the duplicate contents in the URL. These Canonical URLs can be automatically created with the help of FME Addons that assists the search engines to notice the related pages. Other than keeping away the problem of URL’s duplicate contents, the canonical links help to attract the potential clients to the definite pages.

improve magento seo with extensions

  • Extended Sitemap:

This extension changes the default Google Sitemap to the automatically created XML sitemap. Also, it exhibits all the categories of the Product Catalog along with some other CMS pages while going through a hierarchical arrangement.

  • SEO Suite Pro:

The SEO Suite Pro has a complete series of SEO tools that are specially designed for the necessary on-page SEO actions. It is helpful for both- novices as well as Magento professionals. If your site is having multiple pages with the same content, then the SEO Suite Pro adds up canonical links to the head of each product page for the unique contents.

Final wrap-up:

Thus, if you are having an eCommerce store, you can definitely try these Magento SEO extensions in order to enhance the visibility and online web presence of your website. You can even get the best custom developed as well as error free Magento extensions from the Kodematix- one of the leading eCommerce solution providing companies. Also, majority of the website owners don’t like to share their FTP details with developers and so keeping in mind the SEO factor, the Kodematix avail you with the most convenient features like editing robot.txt file and .htaccess file through admin backend without opening the FTP. Thus, establish your web presence with these helpful Magento SEO extensions.

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