Top Concerns Of Magento Web Developers About eCommerce Development Finally Revealed!

magento ecommerce development

With the increase in the trends of the online shopping, the eCommerce industry is currently experiencing a boom as a wide range of customers are getting attracted towards it. Now almost everything has become online, right from buying an LCD over the internet to the flower delivery. For summarizing this in one sentence, you must have heard the quote “We live in an age when Pizza gets to your home before the Police!!”

Have you ever wondered HOW? “How” in the terms of the hassle-free functioning of the website, the flawless platforms that eCommerce website use, the prompt assistance to the customer’s query and many more. All these things can be achieved if you opt for the most flexible eCommerce platform for your business, like the Magento.


Magento is rightly considered as the most preferable eCommerce web application platform as it has turned out to be a powerful tool that helps in construction and management of eCommerce solutions. It is encompassed of a wide range of distinctive features that makes the eCommerce store or website quite influential and user-friendly. This also helps in building brand name of the products or services a store or the website offers. This greatly helps in establishing web presence of the brand and proves the fact- “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room!”

As a result, it is important for the Magento web developers to be aware of several distinctive features that Magento eCommerce web development require. So, let us have a step-by-step look at different Magento web development features and to initiate with, we are first discussing the benefits of Magento website development that a developer must know:
Benefits of Magento Website Development:

  • The Magento is cost effective as compared to other web development technology.
  • There are a lot of plug-ins and number of features that can be removed as well as added according to the requirements and is compatible with any of the web browsers.
  • There are different features that help buyers with comprehensive details and also has separate pages for automation checking as well as manual checking.
  • Multiple store management can also be done as it supports many languages.

Magento Hierarchy:

  • Global: It means installing Magento completely.
  • Website: It means either a single store or multiple stores can help the customers with every minute information related with orders, contact, shipping, and many others.
  • Stores: This means an assortment of multiple stores that creates an individual catalog to ease the customer’s view for a single or multiple stores.

This is what the Magento hierarchy is that every web developer must understand.

Must-know Concepts for Magento Developer

There are a lot of concepts that a Magento developer must know before initiating his work on any web development project. Let us have a brief overview over that:

  • Configuring Customer Accounts: The Magento offers a convenient option to share customer details with the online business. Also, if one want to update the information, one can go to the account sharing scope option from customers that can be accessed from the system configuration.
  • Catalog Management: From the Catalog Management section, the Magento store admin could perform variety of operations different sections. It includes performing action on categories and products, manufacturers and suppliers as well as customers and orders. As a result, here the Catalog Management could help you to save almost 80% of time with the most appropriate tools as well as extensions.
  • Product Management: Magento even offers the product management facility that is quite a complex process. There are different elements as well as attributes that are needed to be addressed which could be a time consuming task. As a result, this eCommerce platform offers the web developers with the most effective tools and extensions that will help you the best way to edit the products on Magento platform the most efficient way.
  • Sales Management: By accessing sales catalog from the admin section, the products can be managed easily with all the necessary information like the product name, description, price and other details.
  • Understanding price, scope in Magento Website: In case, if the eCommerce store is going to be global, then it is important to configure conversion of prices. This can be done from admin panel system, then selecting catalog -> prices -> price scope.

Interfaces and Themes for Magento Website Development :

For any of the Magento stores, there are multiple themes available in order to result with an exclusive website. There are different types of packages available in Magento and the basic package involves simple themes. On the other hand, the enterprise edition will offer you with basic features while the Pro edition offers you with different customized packages. Another option is adding the custom packages in the front-end directory.

Similarly, the themes include a lot of element like the skin, templates as well as additional files in order to get a customized layout for the eCommerce store. As Magento offers a wide range of themes as per the website requirements, one can try new themes to get a new feel and look when they visit an e-store.

Magento Site Speedup :

Besides these, a Magento developer must be aware of different methods for speeding-up the the Magento web store performance. This may include different tricks among which some of them are as follows:

  • Make sure you are running latest version of Magento. This will include performance improvements as well as other patches that will affect the performance of the site.
  • Enable Caching in order to reduce the number of data operations that is requires for each page request.
  • Compressing image files by reducing the file size.

Other than these options, one can enhance the Magento site performance by using other necessary techniques.


With the above-given information, it is necessary that every Magento web developer must understand those points and remember to implement those at the initial stage of the website development. Besides these, there are many more aspects that a Magento developer must be aware of in order to be a skilled Magento developer. Here, we- the Kodematix can help you out the best way with the necessary Magento web development skills. So, what are you waiting for? Just get started now and explore the most flexible eCommerce development field!!

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