Vanish The RoadBlock Faced For ‘Magento Theme Installation’

magento theme installation

Hopefully with the help of our previous post you have decided to go with either a free Magento theme or custom Magento theme. Now the question is how to install the Magento theme to get the desired look of your website. FYI, the news is installing Magento theme is quite easy and quick. Great right?

Let’s explore – ‘How to install Magento Theme?’

Magento themes are not just like the single template themes available, it has totally different configuration. The layout of Magento theme depends on four different contents i.e.

  1. Layout which you will find at app/design/frontend/your_interface/new_theme/layout/.

  2. Templates – Discover it from pathapp/design/frontend/your_interface/new_theme/template/.

  3. Skins –Available at skin/frontend/your_interface/new_theme/.

  4. Locale – Find it at app/design/frontend/your_interface/new_theme/locale/.

That was something you didn’t know right? So what is the initial step to make the website look elegant and worthy for clicks?

Guide: magento theme

  1. Download Or Create Elegance

You will find numerous elegant themes on Google for your ‘desired website’. You have two options either find the free theme or the designers will charge you for their work. No matter what you will end up with file that’s in .zip format. Download it and unzip it.

Well now coming to the actual thing – How to install the downloaded theme? For installing a Magento theme you need to work a little more than you are accustomed to follow in case of a single template theme. Follow the given steps to install and integrate the new theme to your existing Magento installation.

Upload A Theme

  1. You can start uncompromising the zip file which contains theme templates. For this you can use Winrar or Winzip to easily uncompress files on windows either you can use to uncompress files on Linux server.

  2. Now you can copy entire app folder to your new created theme.

  3. Your_Magento_Installation/app/design/frontend/default/ so it becomes like Your_Magento_Installation/app/design/frontend/default/new_theme

  4. Later you need to copy the entire skin folder to your new theme folder under Your_Magento_Installation /skin/frontend/default/ hence it would be like Your_Magento_Installation/ skin/frontend/default/ new_theme

Activate Your Theme

  1. Wow! You have finally added your downloaded theme in your Magento store. So now your next work is to login to your Magento admin store to let know Magento which theme to use as layout.

  2. At times it is seen that Magento Cache doesn’t allow to see the changes instantly. So if such is the case, then to test your new theme it would be best to disable cache for a specific time. For this go to System > Cache Management > Select “Disable” > Click “Save Cache”. After you have checked your new theme you can enable the cache again.

  3. Now go to System -> Configuration and choose Design Tab

  4. In that type the new theme name which you have recently copied in your Magento installation in front of skin (Images/CSS) input box and click “Save Config”.

  5. Or other way you already have the downloaded widget ready in Magento template then you need to install the widget that has come with the theme. For this you need to go to CMS -> Static Blocks and click on “Add New Block”. On basis of your instructions provided for widget installation, you need to add your new widget and later activate that with help of widget block. Now select Enabled” and click “Save Block”. Later you can select “Custom Design” Tab and in the Layout section select “Homepage” or else you won’t be able to see the widget on home page.

  6. We are here with another option even – The default Magento store is a CMS block so you need to give the custom code to display something on home page. For that you need to go to CMS- > Manage Pages and choose “Home page” and then in content section type the home page content code which will be displayed with new theme.

  7. All done, now type the store name in the browser to watch the elegant new theme of your store.

We hope you liked this comprehensive tutorial for installing Magento themes. We would love to hear your views and any query if you have.

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