What Do You Need To Know For Improving Usability of Your Magento Store

Improving Usability of Your Magento Store

As an online entrepreneur, you might have faced high bounce rates, lower conversation rates than you expected. Many online entrepreneurs leave so much money on the table that they don’t know about. This is because they miss very important component of online business: online store usability.

Many entrepreneurs fail in the most important goal, which is making purchase easier for their customers. So, how to change that?

For that, you must understand that why customers often leave. They leave for a numerous reasons, some find navigation too complicated or some face another issue. However, your customers will not gonna take time and learn your website, they will just move forward to next store to see if the shopping is easier on your competitor’s site.

You will find many online store usability guidelines with actionable tricks which should improve your store’s usability. But, the only problem is all those guides have tested many online stores, but not yours!

While it’s completely true that Magento Store Development services can help you improve your store’s usability since most online stores face similar problems, but each online business is unique in its own way and has its own customers. For this reason, there is no feasible list of guidelines which can work for each online store. Because we all know that what works for one does not work for others. However, there is a certain way to figure out and solve your usability problems and make users stay a little longer on your website.

Auditing Your Online Store to Detect Possible Flaws

As I said before, there are many guidelines you’ll find online, but comparing your store against the best practices given online is just a small part of your usability audit. You might be wondering if all the guidelines are same, then how is this different right? Well, the difference is this article includes web store accessibility analytics and analysis of micro interactions. Most entrepreneurs tend to ignore or overlook these two important areas even though it can have a great influence on improving the usability of your store.

User Research

Another essential factor is User Research. Your top goal is to understand how the customers are using your website and try to develop better experience for them.

It is possible to measure this data by two types. Quantitative and qualitative. Most agencies use Google Analytics to figure out who, when and what. But they tend to forget about why and how.

It’s important that you measure data by qualitative data measurements by having complete understanding of users and their actual needs, and be able to detect the flaws in your online store and compile usability audit report.

Implementing Suggested Changes

Sometimes, if there are too much problems to be resolved, then it’s better to start from the scratch. But generally, I recommend incremental re-design strategy. It helps to maximize ROI, minimize risk and enhances your online store continuously.

Web Design As Per Customer Need
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One of the considerations on your list should be switching from carousel to alternate way to presenting information on your store’s homepage. Many online entrepreneurs make the same mistake of copying layout of successful competitors and the designers even do it without questions. But, I prefer to use data to understand your customers and optimize your store based on them.

And, if you’re failing to convert your visitors into customers, then your visitors might be facing some usability issues that you need to have a look at.

Recommended Solution

First of all, identify the problems on your online store by doing audit on usability of your website. Gather all the qualitative and quantitative data of your customers and how they engage. After collecting all necessary data, set-up conversion goals and create design variations for testing and run a test. If results are improved then it’s good, but if not then implement more effective design version.

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