What You Should Do Before Changing Your WordPress Theme

WordPress Theme

Are you planning to change the WordPress theme on your site? It’s a very easy process. However, you need to take care of few things. By considering this article, you will get an idea of what to do before changing your WordPress theme.

Changing your website appearance is one the major steps. So, make sure you that you create a complete backup of your website before making any changes.

After a complete backup, you need to follow the complete checklist of things that you must do before changing your WordPress theme.

  • Always Backup

Before you start to change the theme, don’t forget to backup everything as stated above. Because the backup enables you to restore your WordPress. While changing the theme, anything goes wrong, WordPress data backup is always there for safer side.

  • Google Analytics

It’s advisable to check your Google Analytics more than one time. Along with this, double check your Google Webmaster Tools and other tracking codes before go live as these tools allow you to keep track of your website’s performance. Through this, you can also measure your website’s conversion rate and all insights that you need to know about your WordPress site.

  • Check Your All Plugins

Don’t forget to examine all the plugins and custom codes. Make sure that you remove all the old and unused plugins on the new theme to guarantee your site’s performance. Because no one wants to slow down WordPress sites, right?

  • Make Third Party Items Look Better

Whether you are using Google Adsense or another ad company that allows you to format them, and after theme changing, customize them. Make sure you pay attention to detail because every advertiser has their own set of codes, color, and designs.

  • RSS Feeds

When you’re planning to change your website theme, it’s better to subscribe to your own blog to keep yourself in the loop. Also, make the subscription box visible. Because RSS feed is an essential part of the blog. Through this, you can build your audience and send them updated RSS feeds frequently.

  • Turn Maintenance Mode ON

Most of you probably don’t want your users to see when you are making changes. So, it is best to turn on maintenance mode for a few minutes. It shows that everything is working properly.

  • Cross Check For Browser Compatibility

After changing the WordPress theme, it’s suggested to test your site in all browsers. Sometimes, browsers have a tendency of rendering things differently. For instance, in Internet Explorer, sometimes, the theme of website changes automatically and it looks different than other browsers.

  • Don’t Forget To Let Your Users Know

Once you are done with the maintenance mode, turn it off and write a blog post so that users know about the working condition of your website. By letting them know, you may come across some bugs.

You can also ask your audience via Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks. If they say YES, its good news about no bugs.

Final words

By considering this blog post, you may not face any difficulties with changing of WordPress themes. To know more about changing themes, you can do a small research on the internet or you can ask for a help to an expert in WordPress.

However, before deciding to switch, make sure that you will be careful and consider these key tips. At the end, they will make your life much easier.