Why Magento Theme Development Is Perfect Online Business Solution- Everything You Need To Know!

Magento is the name that crosses your mind when you think about developing an online business. Yeah, that’s true. Magento is most preferable as well as popular platform for developing online stores. Magento has surpassed every other e-Commerce development platforms and proved to be the most powerful e-Commerce solution in the market today!

What Magento Offers?

It offers customized themes if you’re planning to enhance your online store and transform it into a feature-rich and robust commerce site through the existing customization plug-ins and themes on Magento platform. You are able to customize the theme of your online store as per your business requirements.

Magento offersWhat? What benefits does that bring, you ask? Well, let me tell you that you can develop an exceptionally robust and attractive online store with line of products with PSD to Magento theme development. You can also get the new ideas from the nature of your competitors’ websites and can plan your website accordingly. In addition to all this, you can easily integrate the additional plug-ins to explore the functionality of your website.

Benefits of Magento Theme Development

Attracts & Engages Visitors: You can develop awesome themes for your eCommerce website by 3 ways. First, you can search for the desired theme that suits your business and use it. Second, you can customize these given themes according to your given needs. And, your third option is, you can develop a new theme just for your online store from scratch. But, what really matters is the design of your website, which will represent your online business’s first impression as an established brand through your website attracting and engaging audience and visitors in a better way.

W3C Compliant Website: To get the optimum advantages and attract the potential audience, what your eCommerce website need is, to be W3C compliant. Magento platform follows this practice and develops such online stores that can increase the click-through rate, without any errors and handles the multiple browser compatibility for your eCommerce store. All these benefits are offered by Magento Theme Development which attaches to the W3C standards quickly.

SEO-Friendly eCommerce Stores: Magento developers today are well-familiarized with the fact that using clean and SEO friendly code leads the eCommerce store’s ranking in the search engine results. Using Magento development platform that creates themes using hand-code for the more visibility of your eCommerce website in the search engines.

Things To Consider For PSD to Magento Theme Development

Before you start working on this, you must consider certain things. Magento is an easy-to-use development platform but, you must have a deep knowledge and good experience about this platform to create highly dynamic and robust themes and eCommerce stores.

PSD to Magento Theme Development

Theme Development: I’ve observed that most common mistake that people make is developing themes separately in different folders. For developing Magento themes for a smooth eCommerce development, it is advisable to follow the incremental structure.

Standard Markup: Magento platform is widely known to use HTML markup. Therefore, it’s better that you make sure to develop a code that is almost similar to the original code.

XML Layout: It is extremely necessary to have a great plan about the XML layout for developing website’s efficiency.

JQuery: it’s not a default element of the Magento platform, but it’s good to integrate it in your website’s theme before prototype to avoid any conflict to your library.

Development Tools: The best use of these tools can give optimum results. Also, don’t forget to use a profiler, the most common tools available online.

Support CSS: Develop themes that are mostly CSS friendly because it’s compatible with Magento platform.

Final Thoughts!

So… This is how Magento theme development can become the perfect solution for your online business? Hiring an expert individual or team of proficient developers and integrating the right PSD to Magento theme development procedure, you can have an attractive and well-designed eCommerce store. Therefore, the next time you think about or plan to take your business online, you must not forget about the above mentioned steps and tips to own the best e-store!

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