Wise Questions For Smart Selection Of A Magento Specialist

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Ecommerce development has become quite popular and most of the businesses are looking for effective solutions to see their business online. They see this as big opportunity to increase their sales number and use different channels to reach potential customers. So what could be that ‘EFFECTIVE’ solution? The answer is obvious – Magento. It has evolved as most flexible and popular ecommerce platform for both developers and businesses.

So, now you would be looking for a way to build your Magento site, right? Choosing Magento Specialist would be best way to ensure that your site will be framed in the best way and the result will add value to business for years to come. It’s not easy to become a certified developer – the developer needs to go through rigorous test to prove their capability with different technical aspects of the platform. Right from creating and arranging the site for tracking product orders and handling deliveries, Magento developers can concentrate on various aspects that your company is actually looking for.

Building the online ecommerce site through Magento – Okay. Hiring a Magento Expert – okay. But now the question that stops is – How to hire a Magento Specialist? May be these questions will solve your doubts.

#1 – Is The Developer Certified?

Certifications proves about the knowledge developer has. If the developers are certified you can blindly trust them in terms of quality work and be satisfied that the project is in right hands. A certified Magento developer knows about the low level operations of Magento and can easily insert custom functionalists to upgrade to future versions. Along with this they are well versed with API integration, perfect import workflows and can create product catalogs for any industry verticals.

#2 – How Many Years Of Experience?

Knowledge is power, but experience is the King! Experience defines the knowledge we have, without it you can’t have true knowledge. You may think you know, but only with experience will you have anything more than grasping at an idea. Hence, asking a developer regarding the experience can lead you on the way to success.

An experienced developer can endow you with better advice and insights on how to build your ecommerce site – which ensures quality output. Not only your website will look professional but even operates flawlessly. Do not settle down for someone with no experience just because for cost benefit.

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#3 – In How Much Time They Can Deliver The Project?

No one loves if you deliver the project after deadline. Hence, ensure that the time they offer to complete the project meets the deadlines of your project. In case if there are any differences it probably is the wrong selection. Even if they are the best!

Prior selecting the developer, you can set the criteria for your project. And based on those criteria you can select the best for your best project.

#4 – Do They Provide Post Development support?

Ensure that you discuss support terms and conditions once the site has been built. You need to make sure that your potential customers don’t have to face loss due to any technical or functional issue. Post deployment support is quite important for better and improved performance of your Magento site. You can add new features and functionalists and continuously upgrade your online store with newer versions.

#5 – Ask For Their Portfolio!

Portfolio of a developer you will get a fair idea about working style of the developer. You can get a good idea about what to expect and what they can and cannot do. Analyzing the features, functionality and customization of the existing projects, you can understand how your project will be modeled or what changes you need to tell to the developer.

In this competitive world, it’s not worthy to make any mistakes that lead to failures of your online business. Hence, it is important that your Magento developer has great experience and expertise to deliver desired results.

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