WordPress And The Amazing Facts Related To It

WordPress Facts

WordPress is not just the blogging site thought it is the most popular blogging site. When you hear about the WordPress, first thing comes to your mind is blogging, but it is not the only thing WordPress is good at. WordPress is an open source CMS platform on the basis of which 30% of the popular 10 million websites are based on.

So, here are some of the amazing facts related to WordPress:

1. There is nothing that is not known about the popularity of WordPress but in total, 76 million sites depend on WordPress. WordPress with themes and plug-ins is such a popular platform that almost second website uses that platform and the ones that don’t do not use Content Management Source.

2. WordPress has more 40 translation languages. You name the language and WordPress has it. If English isn’t your first language or the language you are targeting is not English, you will be rewarded with the number of languages. You can have your website designed in French, Spanish, Croatian, Dutch, etc.

3. WordPress gets more unique visitors than The Amazon. The WordPress itself has approximately 126 million new users every month, which is 30million more as compared to Amazon. Imagine how popular your website would be if it were to be made with WordPress.

4. Since it is such a popular platform, its plugins and themes are increasing every day. WordPress database of plugins has recently reached approximately 30K and a new one is added every hour. Give it a few years and all you’ll be hearing is “there’s a plugin for that in WordPress”

5. The WordPress is very much in demand with Business Websites. The number of business websites with WordPress is way more than news or any other websites. Thus, it is a popular medium for business websites. You could secure your website with WordPress and change its themes according to your requirement.

6. Needless to say, some of the reputed brands use WordPress for the website. For example Wall-street Journal, Forbes, CNN, Vogue, MTV news, NASA, etc. You do not need any more reasons or excuses to use this Content Management System to build your website. Also WordPress website rank top in Search Engine Pages.

7. If you are planning to setup the Intranet for smooth communications and processes, there are certain wordpress plugins you can use for it. These plugins are perfect for back-end functionalities and they function almost perfectly. Some of the plugins such as CRM software, Issue Tracking and others can optimize the functionalities and efficiencies. It is a cost-effective and superior way to setup the Intranet network.

8. It is easy to maintain the wordpress from the client’s perspective and content wise too. It is an old and there is a huge community available online with superior documentation too. No matter what technical or general issue arises, you will find an appropriate answer from the community. In short, it is easy to manage and maintain than other websites written in other programming languages.

9. If you are a startup and don’t have enough resources to hire a full-time programmer, you can learn wordpress and make your own website in just no time. It is easy to learn and implement than other programming languages. You can save a huge bunks by installing plugins and customizing themes.

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