We make sure to develop a website with an integrated WordPress, that is worthy of the brand behind it.

At Kodematix, we concise digital marketing with design and development and make sure that your new website isn’t just multitasking but goal-achieving as well.

Since it’s early years, we have learned a lot about the industry of website development and designing. After much collaboration with clients, we are now experienced enough to understand the monetary, revenue and image per se of your business.

Whether your goal is to build a new website or redesign, we are ready to help you in achieving your set goals. Our team of WordPress development in New York ensures maximum stability and helps you in achieving the goals.

Make sure your website exudes professionalism

We make sure that your website doesn’t look naive when the project is handled in the right hands- results were predicted foresighted. We are flexible and versatile version that helps you in creating a brand with the exact reflection of your brand. With Kodematix, you get a unique set of site creation, designed by our team of expert designers.

Each website is built with:

  • UX-centered rightful of images and graphics.
  • The customized set of buttons, fonts, and colors that helps in reflecting your brand.
  • A content strategy that regains maximum revenue.
  • We make sure to set the tone of your brand, as per your convenience.
    • Your WordPress website is a pure collaboration between our experts and your clients and we help you in creating a website that is nothing like anything else available on the web.
      We help in creating a website that is exactly as per your needs and requirements.
      We customize to fit you-your business-website

      Our experts in Kodematix helps you in developing a website as your friendly guide- We make no compromises when it comes to WordPress development in NYC. Many companies outsource their project, but, we ensure that all our project is handled by our polished in-house and on-site experts. When you work with us, we make sure to train you in updating your website pages without relying on a programmer. This helps you in saving the money after the website has been built and a need to update is on stage.

      Search-friendly platform

      It is important to consider a CMS that helps you in managing your website in the easiest way possible. WordPress helps you in customizing your website with editors in real-time web design before you hit the publish button. With the function like ‘Drag-and-Drop’, this makes the whole process easier for you to update your content and helps you in elevating the rank.

      You can stay carefree to manage your blog-content and other media. CMS then simplifies your content and helps you in publishing, where you create content regularly with the relevant visitors.

      Integration and 3rd party tooling

      With the numerous integration points, the possibilities are endless. With an active open-source, WordPress’ features and functionality helps you in expanding your business and horizon.

      The expert developers of Kodematix, we make sure to select, install and build plugins, ensuring the working of your website with the existing system.

      We make taking decisions for you, a little bit easier.