Wow! 5 Amazing Magento Price Extensions Revealed!

5 Amazing Magento Price Extensions Revealed

When you explore a website and take a glance over the products, surely the first thing that you will notice is the ‘price’. However, managing pricing per product or customer is a difficult task. Here ‘Magento Pricing Extensions’ come into the picture.

What eCommerce site has to do with pricing extensions? Everything! Proper strategized product pricing is the ultimate door to conversions. And extensions help you to achieve that ‘ideal pricing management’ you are looking for.

A product page with proper displayed pricing plays an important role in taking customer from just browsing the product page to the cart. No matter what you want, either varied prices for different countries, easy price match, specific price for specific individual, Magento pricing extensions offers you everything to make your pricing management flexible and easy.

Explore few top magento extensions that may turn helpful to you:

  • Advanced Pricing

How troublesome it becomes when the product pricing is calculated automatically for other countries based on just one country’s currency? But now no more.

Advanced Pricing will solve your ‘trouble’. This extension permits you to manage product prices in great manner. Being specific, it permits to set product prices in different currencies independently i.e. not based on currency rates. You can set the price according to your own judgment in varied units, for instance you can set fascinating prices instead of calculated by rates. Along with this, the admin can set product prices for each store separately.

Another highlighting point of Advanced Pricing is ‘Zone Discounts’ – discounts can be provided to users according to their geographical location. This extension varies the discount according to areas, locations, countries, regions, or states.

  • Price Per Customer

Just consider if the user ‘xyz’ regularly purchases products from your website, surely you want them to reward them by special discounts. However, setting price for an individual seems like impossible. Price Per Customer extensions makes this thing possible. Thankful..right?

This Magento extension permits the unique possibility to set individual prices for the loyal customers in Magento store. Along with this it allows you to set tier pricing for customers, which means the admin can set prices according to the number of products purchased. However, that’s not all. The extension even permits to set price per category – calculate eCommerce customer price per category. The extension now surely defines happiness.. isn’t it?

  • Price Match

Price Match extension endows you a lovely opportunity to show your visitors that you have the hottest discounts and lowest prices in comparison to other stores. Isn’t it an awesome moment…as you have found an extension that shows you are the best.

All you need to do is place a Price Match button in product page and let the customers tell you about the lower price on the same product in other store. Once the request is created, the merchandise can review it and decide whether to offer a discount or not. If the request is considered, a discount will be sent to the customer by email or it can be applied to product automatically.

magento price matrix extension

  • Custom Price

Ever thought of bargaining on ecommerce online store? May be your answer is a big NO.

Magento offers this exciting feature of bargaining online with the help of custom price extension. You got an opportunity to enhance your brand presence by introducing products with editable prices. It permits the customers to define the bargain price and number of times a customer can bargain. The extension even is ideal for charity or donation websites where the visitors can pay extra i.e. donate a specific amount of their choice.

This is just one side of the coin; the other side of coin is pretty interesting. You can use this extension to check if high prices are the actual reasons for low sales or its something else. If customers are ignoring your product due to high rates then allow them to edit the price and enter their own price. If doing so, shows a high number of sales then its obvious that high rates are the reason for low conversions.

  • Magento Hide Price Extension

Playing hide and seek game of price can be interesting for customers and even you. Most of the owners have a requirement of no price on product page or hide the price if the person is not logged in. This can be due to various reasons, may be the owner needs details of customer to lure him for further offers or the price is not fixed or may the price needs to be quoted based on the specific requirements and many more. If this is the case, the owner can go for buttons like request for quote, contact for price, enquiry form or many more.

The Hide Price extension will permit you to remove Magento prices from product and in a quite easy and customizable way. Okay, now what else the extension can do for you? Well, it will not display the prices of more than one product or may be the entire category and this is can applied to everyone either a logged in or non-logged visitor.

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